Guppies - Level 1  (Introduction to Water)

Ages:  (2-4 yr olds)    If your child is over the age of 4, I recommend starting in level 2 jellyfish. Also, if your 3-4 yr old is already comfortable in the water, I also recommend starting them in jellyfish level.

Class length:  30 minutes 

Class includes:  5 classes Mon-Fri.      

Cost:  $80

This class is designed for children who don’t have much experience in the water and to help younger children become familiar with the water.  Our primary goal will be to alleviate any fears of the water and to help them feel very comfortable putting and keeping their face in the water.  A child must be able to accomplish this before he/she can learn to swim.   This class is not designed to teach swimming strokes.

Upon graduation from this level, the child should feel comfortable:

  • holding on to a kickboard or instructor and kicking their feet

  • blowing bubbles in the water

  • putting their face all the way in the water with or without holding their nose (most important!!)

  • back float with instructor holding them

Please note that, in this class, we do not teach the children any swimming strokes.  It is only an introduction to water.  If your child is comfortable in the water and can put his/her face in the water, then you would need to start them in the Level 2 Jellyfish class.

Check Calendar for class schedule.