Teaching Philosophy

We believe that children should be strongly encouraged to learn to swim, but should never be forced.  With the techniques we have developed, we have seen about 99% of our students learn to swim, many of whom had a significant fear of the water.  It has been our experience that gentleness and much patience is the key.  We have seen too many children traumatized by a swim instructor who forced them to do things that they weren’t comfortable with or weren’t ready for.  We have taken a much more compassionate approach.  Most children can learn to swim successfully and enjoy doing it if you are patient enough and offer a lot of encouragement.  We have also found that group lessons offer enough positive peer pressure to motivate kids to attempt things they didn’t think that they could.  Most of my students leave class with not only a sense of accomplishment, but also with the desire to come back tomorrow and do it again!

As for our teaching style, we will strongly encourage your children to do their best, but we will not force them to do anything. Though there may be some children who respond well to forceful teaching, I have not found that teaching style to be effective with most children. Our goal is for your children to become proficient swimmers and for them to have fun doing it!