Sharks - Level 6

Class length: 45 minutes

Class includes:  5 classes Mon-Fri            

Cost:  $90.00 

Ages: 8yr old and up

Area of focus:  Mastery of 6 strokes and treading water for 2-5 minutes

Prerequisite for this course:  Student must have completed all skills taught in level 5 which include:  

  • intermediate front crawl (freestyle) with rhythmic breathing (1 length of the pool)

  • beginner breast stroke with breathing-(width of the pool)

  • back float with no assistance

  • back crawl (1 width of the pool)

  • treading water-at least 45 seconds (goal is 2 minutes)

  • elementary backstroke (1 width of the pool)

  • beginning butterfly stroke

  • jumping off deep end

Upon completion of this class, the student should be able to:

  • advanced front crawl with breathing (2 lengths of the pool)

  • intermediate breast stroke with breathing (1 length of the pool)

  • back crawl (1 length of the pool)

  • elementary backstroke (1 length of the pool)

  • beginners sidestroke

  • intermediate butterfly stroke (width of pool)

  • perform a shallow dive into deep water

  • treading water-at least 2 minutes (goal is 5 minutes)

Check Calendar for class schedule.